There are plenty of marketing trends in 2022, with each industry boasting its very own topics. However, there’s a general uptrend of things that bridge between enterprises and affect the success of a business, regardless of the type of company. Especially with the rise of digitisation, there’s so much opportunity for growth and visibility.

If you’re finding difficulty in finding and executing marketing trends that are suitable to your business, it’s important to find the right resources and assistance to get your service up and running. And, if you aren’t achieving the results you want from your efforts, you may need to switch things up. After all, small changes could be all you need to get your business moving in the right direction.

Read some of the top trends that you’ll need to take into account for your company.

1) Live Videos

It’s important to be the brand that stands for something everyone will rave about. You need to be the brand that everyone will follow. And a good way to do that is through conducting live video events. Live video events give you the ability to connect and humanise your brand in a way that conventional advertising can’t. 

2) Voice Search

With the proliferation of different mobile devices and the increasing number of people that have smartphones and speakers, voice search is likely to become a part of the user’s way of life. Look at this as a huge opportunity for businesses and yours to stand out from the crowd, and those that are already utilising it are seeing the benefits.

3) Mobile Priority

Setting voice search aside, mobile priority is also another mega trend that will generally continue to grow and drive up the demand for businesses to stay mobile-friendly. It’s important not to overlook the growing number of mobile users, so you need to make sure that your content is mobile-friendly.

4) AI Integration

Artificial intelligence is indeed a handy tool for marketing. With the implementation of AI, businesses can stand out to win consumers’ attention away from the ever-growing competition. With the help of AI, more meaningful, personalised, and relevant communications can be generated for personalised experiences for each consumer.

5) Social Media Shops

Social media shops are a new trend that will allow businesses to manage their social media in one place while encouraging customers to purchase from your company. Sharing your business’s products or services on social media can help you build a store that will sell your products or services, so stay on top of all the new solutions available to help you.

6) Incorporation of Sustainability

Sustainability is a new marketing trend that is expected to grow. Consumers are looking for sustainable products and services, after all. They want to know that companies are working with their values and morals, which can only be achieved by making sustainable choices. It’s a great time to incorporate it into your campaigns and attract millennials to your business.


Many businesses are looking for the next best thing to bring to the attention of their consumers. Ensure that you’re prepared to make the necessary changes in order to stay competitive in your market, so you’ll be the one gaining all the attention of customers.

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