Many businesses think that creating a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account is business marketing. It’s not. If you want someone to find you on social media and create a great connection and trust with that audience, you need to define your ideal client carefully. In other words, you won’t build your business without knowing who specifically you’re talking to.

A target audience is a specific group of people you want to share your business with. That’s it. Real business marketing is what you share and how you interact with that group and audience. If you want to be more specific, a target audience is a group of consumers who have a specific problem, who can pay for your products or services, and that you can reach. This is your ideal target audience.

Today, we’re going to dive into how you can define your target market and create a strategy and content that caters to those people. Here’s what you need to do:

Evaluate Your Current Customer Base

Who are your current, most profitable customers? Are they driven by a specific need or problem? What does their life look like? What do they read? The more detailed you can be about your ideal customer, the easier it will be to communicate with that person.

Check Out Your Competition

What are your competitors doing? What’s popular right now? What’s working for them? What isn’t? Take a look at your competitors’ social media accounts and look at their interactions to see what they’re doing to be successful. Take note of what they’re not doing too. You want to learn from the best and avoid doing exactly what the worst is doing.

Analyse Your Product or Service

What problems does your product or service solve? What’s your unique advantage in the market? How will you create that unique advantage? By simply working through a number of these questions, you can begin to identify your target audience.

Build Your Customer Personas

Once you know what your current customers are looking for, what your competitors are doing, and what your product or service is all about, you can start creating customer personas. Creating your personas will allow you to talk to your audience with a level of empathy that may not have been possible before.

Your persona will be a profile of the person who could most benefit from what you have to offer. It should include age, gender, income, education, hobbies, everything. And it should be as accurate as possible. You must get to know your personas well.

Get to Know Your Audience

You need to know more about your audience. Make a list of all of your potential clients. Make sure you separate them into these categories:

The Bottom Line

Defining your target audience isn’t always easy. It takes time and dedication. But if you want your business marketing to be successful, you need to evaluate your business and what people might want to buy from you. 

And, when you’re not sure how to create content that would appeal to your ideal customer, that’s where we can help. Get in touch here. If you are in need of digital marketing advice, come to Brawler’s Guide! Let us help you grow your brand and attract new audiences today! 

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