A big part of corporate etiquette is non-verbal communication. Aside from verbal outbursts, sharp facial expressions and body language can also express your thoughts and feelings. For example, a confident, calm and well-mannered posture can make a good first impression among your colleagues. Here are some ways you can use your body to be more professional in the workplace.

Grow Your Career with These Easy Body Language Tips

1 – Smile

Smiling at colleagues is not only a way to express your happiness, but also an effective way to make a good first impression. A smile triggers a positive reaction from your colleague. More importantly, a smile reflects your self-confidence and contentment. A good smile is a true representation of your positive attitude towards work.

2 – Use Appropriate Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the most effective ways to express your confidence, sincerity and readiness for a conversation. Proper eye contact makes you seem more credible and trustworthy to your colleagues. Avoid eye contact during a heated conversation, as it might come off as a sign of disrespect. While making eye contact, make sure to maintain a soft gaze and avoid performing a hard stare, which can make you seem aggressive or insincere.

3 – Be Aware of Your Posture

The way you sit and the way you stand can easily reflect your attitude towards colleagues. Good posture shows that you are confident, competent and ready for a conversation. Standing with a good posture shows that you are alert and ready to take on any challenge. Avoid adopting a poor posture, as it gives out the wrong signals to other people in the office.

4 – Avoid crossing your arms

Crossed arms can be a sign of being closed and guarded. In some cases, the gesture could be a sign of being closed or guarded. The gesture could be a sign of being closed or guarded. The gesture could also be a sign of being defensive and hostile if it’s done for a long time. Crossing arms normally gives the signal that you are not receptive, which makes it hard to start a conversation with you.

5 – Keep Your Cell Phone Away

One of the worst habits at work is checking your cell phone while talking to someone. When talking to your colleagues, use your cell phone to send text messages or emails. Avoid looking at your phone while talking to someone, as it makes you appear distracted and disinterested. This could be a serious problem if you’re in a meeting, as it makes it hard for you to pay attention to what the person is saying. By looking at your phone, you might appear to be unprofessional or disinterested in the meeting.


A lot can be said about how to be a good professional, but it all boils down to respect and discipline. Improving your body language can help you become a more confident, professional and well-respected person. The simple changes you make in your body language can help you become more approachable and can boost your confidence at the workplace.

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