Bitcoin mining is a simple process as computers do the work for you. Called miners, expensive computers that run on vast amounts of electricity compete to solve complex math problems to complete the mining process. Mining is also comparable to guessing as many answers as possible to get the correct answer, called a hash. From there, the typical reward for successful work is bitcoins. But how do you mine bitcoin in Australia? Here are some of the best methods available.

1. Cloud Mining Platform

Cloud mining is a specialised type that allows users to work together to find bitcoins. Like any other shared service, cloud mining offers a small amount of mining power to people who cannot find enough mining power to earn a profit. Mining companies provide them to users who pay for the service.

The best part about it is that cloud mining does not require users to set up the system of the mining computers themselves, allowing users to enter the world of bitcoin mining without the cost of equipment and electricity. Cloud mining offers some downsides as users don’t get to earn all the bitcoins they produce. However, it is still better than having none.

2. Personal Hardware

For tech-savvy people, buying their hardware and sharing it online for some income might be the best way to go. Users must spend a large amount of money on this process, but the reward is better than cloud mining, as users will earn all bitcoins produced.

Typical personal hardware includes any computer that consists of a high-end graphics card, a motherboard and a CPU. The first step is to assemble the hardware that will be kept in a mining-friendly environment. For this reason, bitcoin mining is done in cold areas like Iceland, where it is cheap to run miners.

3. Mining Pool

Mining pools are a great way to get into cryptocurrency mining, as they offer a way for users to earn bitcoin by sharing or being a part of a network. The largest mining pools are based in China, where most of the mining occurs. Mining pools are also the best option for those that don’t have the money to buy their hardware.

Cloud Mining vs. Personal Hardware

Each bitcoin mining service or hardware has unique advantages and disadvantages. No matter which method of bitcoin mining is used, finding a partner who can provide support and information is essential. Cloud mining services that offer support and ongoing updates on the progress of bitcoin mining will provide a more pleasant experience.

However, cloud mining companies can close down unexpectedly, which leaves users stuck with cloud mining bitcoin at a loss. Invest in bitcoin mining companies with a good reputation and offering more than just tech support. Cloud mining bitcoin can lead to a respectable passive income that miners can share with friends and family and other cloud mining companies.


Cloud mining, personal hardware, and mining pools are just three of how users can mine bitcoin.  However, it is recommended only to use cloud mining or mining pools to start, as mining with your hardware may be too much for a beginner. As more and more people are looking for better ways to earn an income, bitcoin cloud mining has become a more attractive option for those with the necessary funds, time, and skills to do it.

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